Black garden ant

Black Garden AntThese insects are black or dark brown and nest in soil, lawns, at the base of walls or under flat stones. Ants are social insects; they live in colonies that consist mainly of workers – sterile, wingless females.

In July and August, winged males and females emerge for mating flights. They are about twice the size of the workers. Climatic conditions determine when these flying ants appear, and all the nests in any one area will generally erupt at the same time.
After mating, the males die, while females shed their wings and seek suitable nesting sites. Birds take many ants during these mating flights and only a few females (queens) survive to start new colonies.

Size: 3.5-5mm
Areas found: Gardens, patio areas, within buildings searching and gathering food.
Signs of infestations: Live ants

Pharaoh ant

Monomorium pharaonisThe Pharaoh Ant is a small yellow or light brown, almost transparent ant notorious for being a major indoor nuisance pest, especially in hospitals.

Size: 1.5-2mm
Areas found: In centrally heated buildings
Signs of infestations: Sighting of ants

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