Store Products Insects

Store product insects is a term to describe insects that live and damage products that has been harvest, stored and processed. Like grain, rice and flour.

Grain weevils

grain weevilSize: 3-5mm
Colour: brown

Rice weevils

rice weevilSize: 2-3mm
Colour: brown with orange spots


Flour beetles

Flour beetleSize: 3.5mm
Colour: reddish brown

Biscuit beetles

biscuit beetleSize: 2.5mm
Colour: brown

Australian spider beetle

australian spider beetleSize: 3-4mm
Colour: reddish brown.

Saw-toothed grain beetle

saw-toothed beetleSize: 2-3mm
Colour: reddish brown


Mealworm beetles

Yellow mealworm beetleSize: 12mm
Colour: brown/black

Flour moths

Flour mothSize: 12-25mm wingspan
Colour: The forewings are grey and are speckled brown and white.

Indian Meal Moth

Indian Meal mothSize: 10-15mm wingspan
Colour: copper red at base of the wings and pale yellow at the top.

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