There are over 90,000 species of flies in the world, with around 5,500 being found in the UK. It is important to control the flies to prevent the spread of diseases and contamination of product. The most common flies are the following:

Common house fly

Size: 6-8mm
Colour: The thorax is grey with four dark strips
Where found: Within buildings, bin areas and outside.

Blow fly

Size: 9-13mm
Colour: Thorax and abdomen are metallic blue
Where found: Around rotting food

Fruit fly

Size: 9-13mm
Colour: Thorax and abdomen are metallic blue
Where found: Around rotting food

Filter Flies

Size: 2mm
Colour: Mottled grey and white
Where found: Around stagnant water eg, drains, standing water and effluent plants


Size: 7-15mm
Colour: Dark brown
Where found: Stagnant water eg, block drains, standing water in containers

Scuttle Fly

Size: 3-4mm
Colour: Dark brown
Where found: Drains

Cluster Flies

There is four different types of cluster flies. These are Autumn fly, common cluster fly, green cluster fly and yellow swarming fly. These flies causes problems when they come into buildings to hibernate over winter.

Common cluster fly

Size: 7-10mm

Colour: Dull grey with golden hairs and a chequered abdomen

Green Cluster Fly

Size: 7-8mm
Colour: Shiny green abdomen

Autumn Fly

Size: 6-7mm
Colour: Yellow abdomen

Yellow Swarming Fly

Size: 3mm
Colour: Yellowish body​

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